Sunday, 1 March 2009

Grounded From Her Mobile Phone!!!!!

Hello!!!! I have been so busy, what with being stuck in my room, sat on my bed in hospital, sipping tea, eating cadbury's mini rolls and french fancies, that I havn't had a single chance to get on here and add to my blog! Its really tiring and busy being a patient!!! hehe

On Saturday morning I had the joy of my eldest texting me and calling me telling me her Gramps is being cruel......... Then I didnt answer (as I was asleep) it was 8.30am, she decided to call!!! THAT WOKE ME UP! But. . . . I ignored the phone and then another text, and then other text. MUM PLEASE CALL ME! Mum, Gramps is saying I cannot have a mac'donalds for lunch, so I am going to starve and that is cruelty!!!!!!!!

So anyway, I tell her to appologise to her Gramps whos's morning she made hell and then she tells me, Gramps is making her eat sausage which okay she wont eat for reasons, and so I said well say to him, "Gramps, I will try it, but I really dont think I will eat it as I dont like it". But then she's telling me, she will starve instead. She is so mellow dramatic!!!

So she went to her theatre group in the morning till 11am, and then asked me what time her dancing was in the afternoon, and I said it was 2.30pm, and she said, oh, well I cannot go then, and I asked why not and she said "cos Gramps said so," and I asked her why and she said "I dont know."

So I phoned my dad up later, and finally I work something out that she can go, so I speak to her on the phone and she said "I don't want to go, I fancy chillin!" So then, after all of today's antics, with waking me up in the morning, I seethed RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE SHE! I just wanted to put her across me knee and spank her bum!!


Well anyway, I told her, she is grounded from her mobile phone and i'm having to think of something else as well for her. She must know that she cannot play people off against each other, it is wrong, and for that, she will LEARN!!!!!!!

Today, my friend who is the sexy one who is in another hospital, well he has just got engaged; and I am so touched, his finacé asked me to be bridesmaid. I am so honoured, I weeped. I said though, it cant be a meringue style dress, or ill have to refuse! I was told red satin, so I came across this: - I just pray its nothing like this!!! hehehe

ANYWAY GUYS! I Just want to say, I am really happy for you both and I know you will make each other very happy. To MR & MRS Lewis to be!!!!!
And Thank You For Asking Me To Be There For You, On Your Special Day xxx