Monday, 2 March 2009


A few weeks ago, I deccided I was ready to approach the USA TRANSPLANT route. The day I was due to go to Harefield to meet the surgeon, my car got broken into, and my TOMTOM stolen, along with my precious sun glasses. We had to leave for London at 11am and noticed the car's door was wide open when my mum took the girls to school....... I phoned the police and they sent up the forensics team, and tried to get some evidence, but NONE! I was well made up though when I spoke to the forensics lady, as she told me, as she was a sulvillian, she didn't need to do the physical training to get into the police side of thing's which is fab, as this is the area that I would like to work in when I have qualified, either that or lab work, so even though my day was saddened with thieves breaking into my car, I was happy that the future I wanted was in reach. - Though ironically, I was going to London that morning to try and see if I had a future, and I believe I do, where there is life there is HOPE!

So before I left for London, I emailed the editor of the evening news, explaining about the break in and my plans to try and raise money for a transplant. They emailed me right back to say they would like to come in interview me for the story. I agreed and left for London.

When I came back I was very happy and my mum and I decided to create a facebook group to create awareness of fund raising and the lack of Organ Donors is the reason behind the fund raising.

The next day I had a phone call from the Lovely Lucy, and we arranged for her to come and learn about my family and myself and why I was doing this.

I was told that I would go in Monday's Issue of the evening news providing nothing major happened in Worcester over the weekend.

The same day I had an email from a lady who worked at the Worcester Standard (another news paper) asking me if she could follow my story, I agreed and she too came over with a photographer (who's trousers I wanted to pull up and explain the reason behind a belt) - however i'm told is fashionable to have your jeans half way down your bum!!! Sorry Nick!! :-)

There was something stranger about the the nice lady from the Standard; as it happened we shared something in common, we both have the same God Children (Sam & Jack) . . . . I couldn't believe it. After talking about friends we shared in common from the wonderful world of Facebook, did we realise that we were both at my Cousins Son's Chirstening, and then that we were both Godparents! - WHAT A SMALL WORLD!

So having told my stories, we waited on them being published.

Worcester Evening New's Artical


The Standard Artical's




Unfortunately, A Young Man Lost his life over the weekend by being stabbed. So I was not in the news on Monday, and was put back for being on Tuesday's.


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