Monday, 16 March 2009

Home - Happy - But Tired

Well Finally I am at home and am very tired. Have been doing quite abit, and dont quite know where to start without making this post far too long!

I have been trying my hardest to get some familiar faces / musicians to the ball and gig's, I am hopefuly for a couple, but havn't got it set in stone yet.

I have been home a week and I have had to go to my local hospital twice for more pokes. The first time I had to get an anesthetist down, he got it in 2nd second time. This day also I was in the paper again here is the link to it;

And that day I took Megan to Ballet and I saw this lady have the paper and I was really dredding her looking thorugh it, and sure enough she did and looked up at me when she got to that page. I was a litle embarassed, but thought hey!

The next day, my canular tissued again so I went back to the hospital for yet another. The night before I waited 2 and half hours and the nurse who tried on me before the anestheist said next time if I needed to come again was to tell them at recpetion and in the triage centre so I wouldnt need to wait, that I am difficult to canulate. So I did, but it didnt seem to make a difference. I waited and waited and finally got called in. I explained to the nurse and a letter was recored on the screen from the previous night to get an anestheist in but it didnt seem to matter. I was taken to the minor injuries and waited. The canular I had in , I asked a nurse to take out then I get a doctor come over to me to tell me to keep it in. And I asked why and she said well you are difficult to canulate so you have to keep it in and then you will have to tolerate the pain and have the drugs through that, and I thougth HANG ON!!!!! NOWAY! You cant push drugs through a broken canular, yes but the doc was going, and I said sorry, but I am not dumb, I cannot push anything through the line, it hurts and is red and is swelling up. (it was blatentely tissued), but the doc kept pushing it. Anyway 30 20 mins later she came back to me with a green canular, a pink one and NO blues. Knowing im hard to canulate and know that I always have blue said to me, well the reason they are not lasting is because they are not big enough and the smaller ones are breaking, and im like, er NO!!!!! I have had blues that have lasted 3 weeks.... Hmmmm she looked at me as if I wasn't telling the truth, and she huffed and went away and came back with a handful of blue.

She was very obnoxious and I didnt like her. But give her credit where it is due, she got it in first time, but appologised as she thought she popped the vein as the needle went in, but as I write this (day being Monday) its still working - and it was inserted on Wednesday, but I know this one is on the way out, but I have been busy, with my arm, not like being lazy in a hospital bed. But I was greatful to get away.

My Daughter Kelsey has a best friend called Nell and she is moving round the corner to us. about 5 mins away in the car supposed to 35 mins in the car, so that will be nice. We went to view her house and went to the pub for dinner after. We had a carvery. Wasn't the best one I have had from that pub though.

Kelsey's music teacher is putting together a concert and all the proceeds to go to the transplant fund which is really kind and Kelsey and her Best Friend will be performing in the concert which we are excited about.