Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bruises / Canulars / Doctors / VooDoo Dolls!!!!

Well . . . . . . I have been battered by needles. . . I went into hospital to have apic line put in, however I got cancelled twice, and with the lack of physio therapy I was getting worse in hospital, which the only reason I went in was for the pic line, so I was not a happy bunny!

In the space of 10days I had 8 canulars. Which is frustrating as I had the working one took out
only to have lots more pokes after!

When I came into hosptail I was told if I wanted THREE physio's i'd need to do the 3rd myself either with my PEP or AD. (as a 3rd would be a routine not an emergancy) - However at home I do two times aday, but before I came in for IV's I was needing 3 times aday. Anyway I use the PEP as a mouth peice which I love however, either is no good for me unless I have over pressures /vib's to cough up the lovely phlem, so i'd cough up what I can without getting tired, but it wasn't enough, and I felt rough at night espically around 9/10pm. Then what made it worse was taking my pulmozyme. It really effects my consistancy straight away and its like coughing up water. My Sat's started to drop, so my Oxygen needed to be increased and I wasn't feeling any better at all. I got that sad I cried, with frustration that I was being ignored when I was telling the phyio's I was getting worse,and I knew the ceftazadime was working as my phlegm was getting lighter, but there was lots of it, and yet the "PHYSIO'S" were not going to do anything. So I spoke to the doctor and he said he would sort it out, but he didn't. So then I had the senior physio treat me the day of discharge (monday) and I told her how upset I had got, and how let down I have felt about being in hosptial. I explained to her about the oxygen needing to be increased and I wouldnt have another d-nase (pulmozyme) in hospital due to how quick my mucus was being made and she said to me, well in that case we can make exceptions, and I said NO, I was told NO, and that needing more oxygen didnt warrant another Physio. What made me more MADDER was my friend. She is in reasonable health and not needing oxygen, but had a proceedure (a tube up her nose and into her bowel) and she was offered a THIRD physio and her words to the person who asked her was **** off! Not nice I know, but she was fed up of having physio, and yet I WAS BEGGING for a third, I am quite unwell, and I was TOLD NO! Its all wrong and I am so not happy. Feel so let down.

Anyway Home Monday - Being with my girls and proper food and top most, my Mum & Employee - VER- ON - IC - A !!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!! x x x

>>>>>>>>>>---->>>>>> This is not my employee, mum or my children as they are all angels!! This is the MOST OF THE NHS STAFF, well, ones who get on our nerves!!!