Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas, New Year, Birthday!!

Christmas was brilliant this year, My Mum, Daughters and Myself, Stayed at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, Thanks to the WILLOW FOUNDATION!
Here Are Some Quick Snaps :-)

There was even the real Santa, as Kelsey my eldest was on the verge to not believing, but thankfully, the REAL SANTA came to lunch, and all is safe again, but am thinking this year would maybe be the last. . . . So here is to keeping up the believing!!! Megan however, thought it was amazing!!! When they saw Santa at lunch, they told him off - as in our room, were snowy footprints on the floor, so they told him off!!! It was so funny!!

New Year - I wanted to go to my newphews house in Essex, but I didnt feel well enough to go, all my family were going and I felt so bad that I wasnt up for it, Mentally too, as now I feel im exisiting, and hardly living - I am a very lively person, and being told by my body that I am not able to do what i'd like is very frustrating for me!!!!!!!!! To say the least!!!

So my mum and I, not forgetting my very excited Kelsey (Meg) was in bed as was getting tired - sat infront of the TV and watched the fireworks, Oh and becasue we live on a hill, we get to see real fireworks from all around - which was great, but lack of oxygen made me go and sit back on sofa and watch the remaining fire works on BBC1. I got emotional and started to cry. Cos I know what I am missing, and want to start living and being there for my children, and have my mum play mum to my girls is really hard as I AM THEIR MUM!

Saying that, it was my birthday on Sunday and I am a whole year older of 29!!! Im looking forward to turning 30, and who said getting old is daunting?!?!?! Bah - It is exciting, as there is always something new around the corner being waited to be explored!!! Hoping mine is to be a better mum and help more people become aware of the fact that there are NOT enough donors!!!

Over the Christmas period my family were on the news promoting Organ Donation Awareness.
Here are the links to my fame!!! hehe This one went out on Kelsey's 9th Birthday 10th December - This aired on Megans 5th Birthday 23rd December

I am so very proud of them both, and the Central news clip encourraged more people to sign up. So I am so glad that it made a difference!! :-)

The day before yesterday, Megan fell and hurt herself, and she cired - mummy, I need you. Those 4 words were like magic to me!!! I have not heard those words for a very long time, and it was a heart warming feeling. And then yesterday, I felt rubbish, needed more oxygen and my pressures on my niv machine need upping as i am getting headaches again, so this means I need to go back to hospital for yet more IV Antibiotics. I have managed to stay ou for a whopping 3 and half weeks!! WOW you may think, but this is the longest time I have been out in 9 months, yet myself and girls are upset cos 3 weeks is NOT along time at all.