Monday, 15 December 2008

Halloween Times

Since my last post, a lot has been happening to my world. A year on the 19th October my grandad past away and that was a hard day, as I have been so unwell lately, the person who I would always seek advice and comfort from is not here anymore, and that day was a harsh reminder!!!

My best friend had been having relationship problems and this blog is about my honesty through out and I didnt really want to put my feelings on here, even though I seem to have made them quite clear to them both. Well the good news is that they are both giving it another go, as much as I hated them being together at first (as I fancied the pants of him) I see that they are really good together and hope they can continue to grow OLD (minus wrinkles) together!!! :-)

I have been spending a lot of time in hospital. I was in the middle of November going to have a vascuport inserted so I did not need the continuous poking and prodding of canulars, however, I was discharged the begining of November and was due to come back in a week before, but soon as I got home, I picked up another cold, and wasnt well enough for a general anesthesia, and becuase the internal jugular (the vein needed to be used for this) the surgeon was reluctant to perform this under a local. So I was cancelled until further notice. HOWEVER!!!!! - I did not want the operation anyhow! Why?

Well is simple really, last time I had a GA (general) I was knocked about a fair bit and my chest was terrible afterwards, and 2 months later I nearly died, and needed NIV (non-invasive-ventilator) for 3 weeks 24/7 and it took me along time to recover from that stretch of being ill, and now 2 and 1/2 years on I wear the NIV at night to keep my airways open and disguard the Co2 which I cannot breathe out, so I thought -

Well I am at a "crap" point in my life with my lungs, I was terrified of having a GA as I have always said since the last one, I wouldnt have another unless it was for a transplant!!!

So a lucky escape there...... for now!

Since has been halloween and here is a picture of my girls - they came to visit me whilst I was in hospital -

They were very scary looking and got some treats from the nurses and some fellow patients.