Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Okay then people. Along time I know since I have written on this. Each week has gone past and thinkng I cannot write as I dont know where to start, and every week after I kept feeling the same, but it got worse and worse, so finally this evening I thought even though I do not have photo's to post as I deleted all of my files, including all my UNI work, Photo's iTunes - am totally gutted, but even though I do not have the pics to include I thought i'd get a start with this and let you all know what I have been up to.

Okay, since having MILO - he still pee's on the floor and Poo's which is annoying. Kelsey has her own bedroom now, and Megan this weekend has her own bedroom (photo's ill post soon). I am now just under 8 months post transplant. and 6 months just over since I had IV's for chest infection. It is so unreal I cannot believe it. Time is flying - And end of September we bought a horse! It was an early 30th Birthday pressie for me from me and this caused alot of ***** with some of my family. Mainly my dad and nan. Everyone else including friends were supportive. I had asked my mum, dad, both nan's if they would "chip" in with a horse as a special reminder for me when I am 30 in years to come. My mum said yes great idea as long as I could look after and prove I could afford it. Well I got rid of my convertible car and got a cheaper one, and also the money I had saved up for my funeral. My one nan who was recently widowed from my grandad just over 2 years ago now, said brilliant, and I showed that I could financally look after as well as physically look after. My dad was chufed to begin with and said yes its a great idea. So when I asked him to chip in, he changed his mind and said it was bad, I cant even look after my dog or cat, which is nonsence. He said this as I leave Milo at home sometimes, when I am at uni. So anyway, my nan wasnt keen but was supportive and said she'd think about it, but NOT AT ALL AGREED WITH ME, and THOUGHT IT WAS A WHIM and i'd get bored, which is really great for your confidence that family have in you. So one eve my dad went round to her house and said I am not to have one etc etc, and really got stuck in to my nan, which my nan was quite happy with as she didnt want me to have one. I had already made up my mind, as even before my transplant, I used to say to my husband at the time, when im better im going to get a horse, and that is exactly what I did with most of my family's support. My nan is still not happy, but she said she wont be nasty about it. Dad has been to the yard to see him on more than one occasion and has watched the girls ride and taken photo's which is lovely.

My pony is 13.2hh, A dark bay, and blue eyes. His name is SONIC! Oh and we all LOVE him sooooooo very much. Since getting him end of Sept, we have seen him every day - apart from one and that was this saturday - as I was decorating all day Megans bedroom to which she said, OH MUMMY, I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH (whilst jumping from leg to the other and her arms bent and fists bobbing up and down very rapidly). . . . . . :-)

Okay well the girls are back at school now Megs is in year 1 and Kelsey is yr 5. I was, I found even - it to be very emotional taking them to school, as last year I had to be let out for the day to take Meg on her first day. This time, I strolled in and hugged her loads, and strolled out taking my time, as I was in no rush to get home to do treatment or anything like that. I felt amazing, and I did have a lil sniffle.

I have been asked to be God Mummy to MY very good bestest sister type/ friend - I say sister, as where we go we get asked if we are sisters, (we squabble like siblings) is rather funny! anyway to her son Mackenzi! So am looking forward to that.

And quickly again about Sonic, where he is being stabled, I have met some new wonderful people, and at this perciest Moment in time, I am so happy and content. Life is perfect.

And finally, I am back at UNIVERSITY back to studying and finishing off my forensic science degree which going back was just a mere fantasy, a dream. One that has come true. I may not look like a disney princess, but I feel like one with my happy ever after . . . . . . :-)

Thanks for reading and hope it wasnt too boring and long winded for you. Tired to make it interesting. x x x