Thursday, 5 March 2009

Proper Un Happy

Okay, well today, the pic line didn't go in. I was told I was going down this morning for a pic line and so after my physio, I asked the nurse to take my canular out, so I could have a lovely shower. Whilst I was in the shower a nurse came to me, to tell me my line had been cancelled and that I may go down tomorrow, if not next week. So silly me had my canular took out, and now I have no intravenous access for IV's! OOOoooops!!! Silly me! So after I shaved my arms (yes shave my arms) and feeling lovely and fresh and in clean pyjamers, I had to have another canular inserted. Only half in mind, becuase the vein its in is tiny, and to make it worse, its right on the corner of my wrist!! Thankfully LEFT-HAND! So thats okay then!

After the nurse got on the phone to xray again (is where im to have the pic line in) so see when, and to explain that I am quite poorly and need this, so I am down for tomorrow morning now! Wooo!

I also had a visit from the senior consultant too. Im thinking, oooh have I been a naughty girl? Cos i'm always good.

Anyway, it was down to the fundraising. Someone (I know who) wasn't happy with me doing it, and getting staff (physio's) involved! But what this person didn't know before going to the consultant and telling him I WAS PESTERING THE PHYSIO'S AND THEY FEEL AWKARD; was that it was one / two or maybe even three!!! who had said to me, hey, you know, we rasied money for >>>>> last year, but we could do it this year for you, as its a cause closer to home, were their exact words!

So after that, I realised hey that be good, if they wanted to, they could raise funds for me, so I then asked a couple more people. some said okay, others said they may not beable to becuase of it looking like favouritism, (I said oh okay, thats fine) and left it at that, and this was like 4 maybe 5 weeks ago.

So why now, get the doctor to say something on a level like this I dont know, oh yeah and also, FACEBOOK!!!! <-- haha, I was told that nurses and physio's are not to cross the boundary's bla blah blah, and I was quick to tell him that, "just to let you know, I don't fancy getting to any of the staff's pants thank you very much, and so you know, none of them are good enough for me!" He chuckled at that, but I am not happy all this is happening because one of the nurses failed to keep their knickers on with one of the patients some time back, and becuase of this, all the staff have had to remove peops from facebook. Years ago, things were not as tight, as we knew how to behave and what "boundaries" were not allowed to be crossed, but someone crossed this and now has screwed it up for everyone else. If there was a charity/cause "you wanted" to raise money for you would "do" it. No-one can tell you who to raise money for, and if you want to do it, then thats up to you, noone else. I wont feel bad that they dont want to raise money for me, and I totally understand them choosing not to, but if they wanted to in their private time, then thats up to them, epsically when I happen to be friends with their friends who have already got events planned. This is a tough one, but I don't want to get peops in to trouble. But the "person" who had told the doctor that their staff were feeling awkward round me cos i'm asking them about fund raising, well, needs shooting! And is always "their jobs worth" who I like less more now, cos they didn't have their facts right first!!!!!! Oh well!!!!!

I'm Signing off now, talk to you later.. P.S. Here is a pot full of Phlem, I coughed this up in one sitting!!!