Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Media Followed:

The day the Evening News Artical was publish. I had phone calls and emails from quite afew people. Smooth Radio phoned and took an interview for their station, and then BBC Hereford and Worcester emailed asking me to go to the station which we did, and here are some crazy pictures:

And then here is one of Kelsey thinking she is a DJ!!!! The girls loved it! (what an experience for them!)

And today we went to the Cinema to see Bolt!!! The Girls Loved it, Kelsey cried and Megan wasnt sure why she was feeling all these emotions so she went all cuddly on me.. Bless her.........
For those who do not know, Bolt is!!!!!!!! -
A dog, who thinks he is a super hereo, but slowly finds out that he is not, and comes across some brilliant characters!!! My fave is the hamster!!!

YOUTUBE CLIP / Check this out!!!! :-)

So after the film, we get in the car and turn the radio on, and whadda ya know, we are on the radio, from what was pre recorded that afternoon. Here is the link to that:

And would just like to say Thank You to Nathan who looked after us at the radio station.