Wednesday, 25 March 2009

ST Patricks Day With A Difference

After I had finished typing my last post, I didn't think my journey would be starting again. At around 4:30pm I had a call that I had been waiting for... I was bathing Megan and having a good giggle when the phone rang, for a long time now I had been waiting for this lovely lady to call me, Whilst she was asking me about my IV's, I was still trying to get it into my head that it was the lady I thought it who I was talking to. It was only when she said, We don't know anything certain yet but everything on paper looks good. this is when I told her I was on 20mg of pred for only less than 6 days she said right ok will let the surgeon know, but if i were you i would start packing. Which i did whilst meg was in the bath playing with bright eyes and knowing mummy could have her new lungs.

Kelsey was with my mum having a singing lesson. I rang mum and told her.

**Sally's Mums Version**
I was with Kelsey at her singing lesson when my mobile rang, i had to go outside to answer it, Sally told me that she had had a call from Harefield and there could be a set of lungs for her, she asked how quick I could get home, I told her after the lesson as it was nearly finished. Kelsey was practicing for a concert she was in at the weekend. We came out of the singing lesson and as we were walking to the car, I told Kels that her mum had a call from Harefield she was whooping with delight, shouting and bouncing along the pavement with joy. I think passers by thought she was nuts lol. So we got home and Sal was all in a tizz, telling me to hurry up we had to go and we had to be there in half an hour, its a 2 hour journey, so no hope there, but we arrived at Harefield with time to spare. Just!!!!!! whilst we were waiting Sal asked me to do her a Physio as she felt that if this was an aborted call, her chest would have been really full So I did her a GOOD physio. Then she asked the lovely lady who's name is Nicky if she could use her computer to update her status on FB and she kindly obliged. Kelsey was getting excited and nervous all rolled into one. (Kelsey will write her own version soon)

Sally had a DOUBLE LUNG transplant

Not a heart and lung.

Around 11pm of the 17th March 2009 Sally was going to theatre. Kelsey was allowed to ride on the trolley with her mother untill the gates of the unknown, we said our goodbyes gave kisses and hugs, Sally told Kelsey she was very brave, and that she would see her soon, which happened to be 10am the next morning. there was a little problem with Kelsey going into see her mum, due to her only being 9. They very kindly let her in and she sat there holding her mothers hand and talking to her, she was very brave she did not cry. I sat with her for a while then i came out so that Sal's father and sister could go in a be with her for a while.

Here are some photos

Sally at this point was on a ventilator and could not speak. At around 2pm she was taken off the ventilator, sal was trying to pull it out anyway, the first words were "What day is it?" she was told it was Wednesday 18th of March, the next day, i think that pleased her to know she wasn't out of it for long

More to come tomorrow eve / friday morning :-)

Have a brilliant video to share xx


V_x said...

That's great news I'm so glad the call finally came for her!!! xx

CFHusband said...

welcome to your new life!

Heidi said...

Awesome news! I'll be 8 years post transplant tomorrow! Congrats on your new lungs.

Michelle Jamie said...

Followed the link here from CFHusband.

Congratulations on the new lungs!!!!

I hope it is "smooth" sailing from here on in!!

Jaime said...


brunettekoala said...

Followed the link from CFHusband also, I'm from Scotland so not quite so far away as the US bloggers.

That's so fantastic to hear about Sally's new lungs. Congratulations!!

Missy said...

Congratulations from Indianapolis, Indiana on your new lungs! What a wonderful gift and chance at a new life! You GO girl!

*from another CF momma (I have a 4 year old son)

mamabeanie said...

Yay for new lungs! you are so deserving! Congrats! enjoy your new breath of life!

Pati and Family said...

from long island new york...

so happy for you ,

so happy for your family,

so happy for your new journey....


you are in my prayers.

i found your journey through nathan.

Carol said...

I am so excited for you - the happiness and excitement of your post and your mom's post leap off the page! So glad you are doing so well already. Can't wait to read your daughter's version! Best to you and your family.

Katey said...