Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Guys & Dolls (no, not the musical)

Well, on my birthday back in Januray, I had a weird TEXT message, and I didnt know who it was from, so I asked who was this, and they replied haha, you dont know who this is, im guna have some fun. It was funny at first, as I am always playing practical jokes like these, but then it started getting rather rude!!!! Pictures!!!! If you get where I am coming from!!!!! This went on for over a week, nearly two, and I had compiled an album of mens anatomy parts! NICE!!! Finally the penny dropped who it was. And to be honest, it wasn't anyone who I thought it would be. However I was pleasantly suprised when I did suss who it was, (as so my type) and the pictures continued, much to my annoyance, when you have seen one, you have seen them all ;-)

I'd had had enough of those kinda pervy photo's, but then he asked to take me out which was fine, but im not wanting anything serious at the moment, I dont have any time and the time I do have I want it with my children. Well anyway, last month, I hadn't heard from him, so I decided to send him a text and his reply was . . . im seeing someone! In a way im happy, cos I know I won't be getting any more random pictures or messages - however they did make me laugh. But be good to see him soon, as hoping to see him in May and then I shall jump on him & annoy him like he did me!!!!! HAHA - only joking!!!

I have been divorced now 2 years next month. Seem's such along time. . . . . Where has the time gone!? Since then I did meet someone special, but always with empty words. Gosh no, never the I LOVE YOU, no none of that. We just clicked, least I think we did, but lived too far away from each other, so it was a no go from the start. We still talk which is nice, but I wont never go down and see him as he has a girl friend now who they have been together for sometime and it is love for them which is nice. However, well, quite alot of the time, he keeps saying about coming up to visit me, but never does. He has just said again a few days ago that he'd like to come up and see us, which would be really nice, as its been along time and would be really nice to catch up, but . . . one big issue . . . . His Girlfriend. I know I wouldnt like it if my man was to go and see another female and stay at her home. So I don't really know quite whats going on in his head, but as I said before, he alway's says things that he'd like to do and never quite follow's through . . . . .


ANYWAY!!!! Something quite funny! ! ! ! ! I have had a marriage proposal...... I said NO!, But he carries on asking!!!!! Won't take NO as a HINT! He's obsessed; and want's to do the deed in Jamaica. . . So to shut him up, (lol) I said okay, but we not do anything till after the wedding, and he said okay. Right, now how do I get out of this one! I have decided to get one of these !!!!!!!!
(an inflatable blow up doll / husband!)
This guy however (not my usual type) does make me laugh; and I do love winding him up, he is so gullible..... On Saturday I decide to text him (knowing he doesn't have my number) and pretend to be anyone but me. He did suss it was me, but I played dumb, so he wasn't quite sure. anyway he asked if he could call so I agreed. he appologised and then I kept dropping hints but he still didnt get it, so I said, hey your a muppet & he replied I knew it was you! Oh it was funny!!! Howevr I now am waiting in great anticipation for his revenge!!!!!!
Anyway, have to go now, need a physio! Laters x x


Kate said...

Hey just wanted to say major congrats on having the transplant hon! hope you are OK and home soon! x x x