Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Pic Line Tomorrow

Due to all the Intravenious Antibiotics that I need I did have a vascuport inserted below my right shoulder. This would have been my 4th, but in May last year,it got infected with Enterococcus A bad bacteria, and to be blunt, it nearly finished me off. It took nearly 4 weeks to diagnose me with this, and kill it off I needed my port removed and needed IV Daptomycin.

In October last year I was admitted to the ward, to have a new vascuport inserted, as weeks before I'd had 27 canulars in just over 7 days.

Here is a picture of one that lasted 21 days!!! It looks grose to be honest, but I was happy about that, however, the surgeon was not happy to be putting a port in under a local, as I have already had 4, there are not many places left to put one, and the vein that he wants to use to insert this port is the main Jugular, and he said that it wasn't very good to do under a local, as can get very messy, but if the worst came to the worse he would, but was reluctant to preform this under a general, as was my CF docs. What they didn't know is I was scared shitless anyway, I didnt want the proceedure. The way I look at it, was well, I am going to die if I dont have a lung transplant within a year or 2 at a push, and if I get a Transplant, I wont need the port anyway, and what I didn't want was another infection like I had before, plus, my main worry, was I didnt want to go to sleep!!!!! I felt rough waking up from a general 3 years ago when I had the port inserted, and I wasnt or hadn't even used the niv, and I am much worse health wise now, so that is another reason why i didn't want this.
So anyway, when I went to harefield to mee the surgeon a few weeks ago, I told her this, and she asked me if I'd ever had a pic line instead of being poked all the time by those canulars, and I said I didn't know. She told me they would be much better, so I thought next time I need IV's I would ask, and as it happened they have started giving them to patient who have problems canulating, as I was needing the antehatists to come down and canulate me in the end. So tomorrow I am having a Pic Line <--Click To View More Info


Gemma said...

good luck with your picc line. A few people have said they are really good