Friday, 27 February 2009

The Infamous Toothbrush!!

Here is the imfamous toothbrush that I promised i'd get a picture of!

I am back in the luxury of Heart Del Sol at the moment, and already boredom has sunk in. One of the best bits of news today was, WE NOW HAVE FRIED EGGS! Wooooo!!! I love them! I used to ask the nurses to go fetch me a chick in the morning along with a pig and baked beans, oh yum yum in my tum it was. But now I can have an egg for me tea!!! Which is what is on the menu tonight and lunch was mingning; mustard mash n peas!

Today I had the most unexpected phone call;

From an old doctor that used to work here. My friend ( a really old sexy male friend) is in hospital too, but in a different one, and his doctor used to be mine. So had a quick chat on the phone which was nice.

I am well chuffed at all the events that are being organised at the moment. And so MANY idea's its amazing. It just goes to show, that some people who you think are there for you, are so distant, and others they are always there, and yet you dont realise it. It has taught me more values, and I guess we are all human, and we are still all learning. . . . . . . . .

Im still trying to get this guy to sort out a website, and he says NO to anything to do with Fairies.. I am gutted , sniff sniff!!!!! So as a form of payback, I am annoying him by sending him random texts with random questions. So far I have found out that he likes blue toilet paper, he likes to sleep upside down, he chews his food 20 times before he swallows it and cuddles up to a teddy when he has a bad dream! Na Not really, That bit I made up, well all of the answers actaully!!! Funny though!!! Sorry!! hehe

But things on the fairy front may have changed, but we'll see. Im knda going off fairy idea, need to see if it looks right.
This picture is when I ordered Kelsey's tutu (& mine) and head piece for Megans Fairy party. And I dressed up in the fairy outfit to do a talk infront of all the cf medical team in my fairy outfit with my blonde wig on! I will find a pic of that to post on here when I get chance.... See Fairy is Good!!!!!!!! Pink & Black just like something else that I will talk about soon........ :)


TheTxTwo said...

Just sharing ideas here... Butterflies, they symbolise lung transplants. They say when lungs are inflated for the first time when they're taken from a donor they expand and open out like a butterfly...
Found this quote on a website
"New lungs are described as "like beautiful butterfly wings, opening for the very first time, they expand and you can see the beauty in life and in good lungs". Like butterfly wings opening for the first time, so is the size and shape of the new lungs...this has great meaning to those who get the gift of new lungs and the chance to live their dreams."