Wednesday, 25 February 2009

First Time At Clinic This Year

I have dodged the appointments sent through the post, and great. I have since being discharged since chirstmas had phone calls to the hospital when I have not been well, but thankfully, dodged going into hospital as I had felt better after rest.

I have been so busy the past few weeks, I have started to feel rund down and blantely crap. So 3 weeks ago I started on a course of Cipro, but I dont think they have worked this time, as I still have streaking in my phlegm in my lungs. So dont really want that to turn in to a ful scale infection, so I finally set up and went to clinic. My blows are crap, 0.something over 1.35 I think??????? however they are slightly better than they were when I went in for a blood gas check up 5 weeks ago. So . . . . . hmmmmm, Anyway, my weight is 52.8kg - as someone calls me their chunky monkey!!! I love it!!! Has a real good ring to it. so I am using that one, and telling everyone, im a chunky monkey!!!!!

Spending a lot of time in hosp, prooves hard, as to me some of the nurses become friends, and if I wasnt so damn ill, id probably get pissed with them on nights out, Not all of them mind you as some are right stick in the muds and need personality transplants; but some are real stars and sparkle and have helped me through some of my darkest times, and I do miss them when I am not there, however being at home with my girls is better - so THANK YOU to socail networking sites - FACEBOOK! This allows me to stalk them all in the privacy of my own home! hehe - ONLY JOKING!

Anyway, was nice to see some friends and they I will be gracing them with my presence next week, if not the end of this week. I have decided that I need IV's and for this I will have to be admitted, as I need to be de-sensitized to Colostin and as my veins are shockingluy rubbish, I can have a canular (venflon) in my arm, however they dont last long, and my stint in october, had me have 27 in just over 7 days, so I will have a pic line this time, which will last up to 4 weeks without it tissuing and means I can come home and finish off the iv's if I dont feel too tired.

I had a peg inserted not long ago, as the one I had in needed changing and I have a little video of the grusome happenings so I will have that here when I can find the file; So ENJOY!

I also have some classic kids moments where they are oblivious to me filming!!!!!! :-) I shall put on here when I can dig them out, and its appropiate with what im talking about, however I could just insert it randomly as I pretty much do everything else!! hehe

Right I am signing off today and will post again as soon as. Oh and OMgosh . . . I missed Heroes last night!!! I am watching it off a streaming website, but I forgot to watch it last night.... GUTTED! Will have to watch tonight!!! I Love Heroes By The Way!!! I Am Such A Geek!!!!!!


V_x said...

Does de-sensitizing work for you? I have a massive amount of IV allergies and it only works for me on odd occasions.

Do you not have a port?

I love Heroes too :) xx

Gemma said...

oh my gosh that vid freaked me out abit lol, im squemish with stuff like that! so she pulls the water out and the ballon deflates right? Hope your iv's go ok xx

Sally said...

yup. she takes the water out and the balloon deflates and then pulls the button out of my tummy! yay!! LOL - That is the first time I have seen it too, as I don't like it, but thought it make good blog material!!! haha

Hey V! Heroes is fab isnt it!! hehe Yes de-sent always works with me (touch wood) as I too have lots of allergies, but my body coping better with them as time goes on. I dont have a port no, as in May, it got infected with a BAD bug and it nearly killed me, so I wont have another one inserted cos of risk of infection. :-) Thanks for reading me!