Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sally's Mum Reporting....

What a couple of days we have had, I felt so helpless all I could do is watch Sally struggle and get really exhausted. Her legs and feet are really swollen and a bit painful. The medics didn't know what was wrong but they knew something was. She had a spiking temperature her heart rate was really high around 150BPM she felt really unwell, her sats were dippping and was on lots of oxygen, but bless her she still soldiered on and did her physio exersizes, blowing the bird and using the pedals. The medics came to see her and sent her off for a CT scan, this showed that there were some changes in the lung but what it is, is unknown at this time. At 10 o'clock her consultant was contacted, he advised that Sally went back into ITU. They were going to put her on Cpap? but when she got to ITU she stabilised so they didn't use it.

Today i go in to see her and there she was sat up in bed chirpy as anything, and had eaten breakfast. I only stayed a short while as they wanted to wash her and do some things.

I went back to see her in the afternoon and she was sat in a chair fast asleep her sats were 100% and her heart rate was around 98 to 110, I sat there and waited for her to wake up, when she did she was chirpy and smiling. She had eaten lunch too. I brushed her hair and put it up into a pony tail, massaged her back with some strawberry body butter, then did her feet too. Her sats stayed at a constant 100% on 4 litres of oxygen and she was wearing the nasal specs not a mask, blood gasses were fine too.

Teatime came and the little darling must of been hungry as the meal man had to go back to the kitchen to get Sal some more food, three times. I think she has got her appetite back as she had hardly eaten anything for a few days. I took a pic before i left which you can see below.

Hope to write more soon.


The Vix of Dibbly said...

Oh i'm soooo pleased Sally is feeling better and on the road to recovery.

I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength now.


Gemma said...
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Gemma said...

aw you sound like a nice mummy :o) Keep up the good work Sally!

Jayne said...

Hello again Sally (and Sally's Mum),

I'm glad things became more stable. Please give my best wishes to Sally, from me and my son.