Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Drain Removal -One Step Closer

My Pair Of Drains

Had left (pigtail) drain removed today - (Sunday) and it didnt hurt at all. But this means I am one step closer to coming home on Tuesday like the doctor had told me last wednesday. However each time I have been given a discharge date it has been postponed. but I am so determined that this time will be for real, as I feel so different since having these two drains put in. The pain is non existant with the pain killers and I am not dopey from them either, so as long as the drains are doing thier job I dont mind them being in, as I am mobile - by going to the canteen with them in and walking up and down the stairs, so I am happy, I just would like them both out before Monday so I can go home Tuesday. :-)
Had right drain removed Sunday - YAY!!!!! FINALLY I am TUBE FREE!!!!! It feels weird. The nurse put an opsite dressing over the mepore dressing so I can go and have my first shower of the week / month!!! (PHORGH, whADDDA STENCH!) :-) And it felt good. No MUM to keep an eye on me either - just be and my toiletries and RAZOR!! Took my time and enjoyed the freedom of the water and stream and just being me!
I sent my mum home you see on Friday and usually my dad stays with me at the weekend but I asked him not to bother coming down this weekend as I was fine. I was abit lonely as for the first time since my transplant it was just me. But I enjoyed the ME time. Gave me time to contemplate about things, and that was heaven to be honest. I needed MY own SPACE, as I knew when I got home I wouldnt have that. I should have updated my blog then when I was on my own, so I do appologise, but I needed that time for just me. Now I feel stronger for it and know where I am going in my life, well the direction that id like to go anyhow. These are all my stitches and staples which DID NOT HURT to come out. I was really dreading it, but in all honesty I did not feel a thing.
My sister got married on Tuesday in Gretna Green (SCOTLAND) and I have seen photo's and she looked beautiful. I will post pics when I get a decent one from my dad. I was bit disappointed that I couldnt go but getting better at the hospital was much more important and she knew I was thinking of her as I kept texting her. She had a lovely day and evening too.
Monday: After Shower and getting my dressings re done I get dressed in normal outside clothes and make myself up, showing the docs that I am ready for the home!!!!! So all is planned providing that night nothing serious happens to go home Tuesday!!!!
I cannot sleep, I am so excited, but exhaustion finally catches up with me and I fall asleep, and I sleep WELL . . . . Probably the best I have ever slept since the transplant.

I keep calling my mum and being as excited as a primary school girl on christmas eve - no tell a lie, I still get that excited on christmas eve anyhow, even last year when I was really poorly, I was just as excited!!