Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mum reporting......

It's about time that I updated the blog

Sal has had a fairly good week. She is gaining strength daily although a little tired. On saturday her nurse for the day was someone that she knew as they used to be a transplant co-ordinator at the hospital so she really enjoyed the day chatting non stop and found out lots of information for future reference. One big suprise was that the nurse suggested that she went outside as it was a lovely sunny warm spring day. There is a little video, but please excuse the fingers as the video-er was required to help.

I think Sal enjoyed her time outdoors the first time in over 2 weeks. Thats not all she was up to over the weekend, it wasn't all sunbathing and lazing around as the next video clip will prove.

The seat was a bit on the low side but give her her due she did her best on that bike.

On sunday she was moved out of ITU and back to the ward. She has been working hard walking up and down the long corridor and using the bird. she has one problem that is holding her back and that is swelling she is carrying lots of excess fluid which doesn't seem to be shifting very easily, she is taking some duretics but has to be careful that it doesn't damage the kidneys. She says that walking etc is like walking with blisters and it is very uncomfortable but she battles on.

Sal is on less oxygen and it is reduced from being on 70% oxygen to having only 2.5 litres in a short space of time, I think is good going

The infection that she got is responding well to treatment and all the signs are that it is clearing up. We were told that it is not uncommon for cystic fibrosis suffers who have transplants, to get an infection they are lucky if they don't.

whilst she didn't have the central line Sal took the advantage and went and had a shower, the first one in almost 3 weeks, I washed her hair and she had a good wash all over, I had to go and change my clothes afterwards as I was soaking wet, next time if she can't manage herself I will have to remember to take my shoes, socks and trousers off.

Sal has had to have another central line as the one she had blocked up that makes 3 in total now, when she went down to theatre to have it done she was chatting up the porter who was a young male, typical Sal. lol. Well its nice to be friendly.

The physio who has been treating Sal is leaving on wednesday to go to another hospital, he has left her a plan to follow, which is quite busy, I guess its down to me to make sure that she does it. Where's my whip lol.

Sal had some visitors today some friends of hers came down to see her Clare and Nathan. They brought some easter eggs for the kids and a book for Sal, having read the blurb, it sounds like a good read, her nurse said that she had read that one and it was worth reading it.

Sal had another visitor earlier on, i think it was last week before she went into ITU, Justine whom she had never met before but talked to alot on the net. As for the smarties Justine your outta luck, some one ate them all including the orange ones hehehe!!!

Justine and Sal. She has had a double lung transplant some time ago, she looks the picture of health don't ya think.

The kids are coming down to see their mum she hasn't seen them for 2 weeks they are both dead excited to see her and Sal is real excited to see them she has missed them terribly, but she will have a future with them now.

I think I am all blogged out for this evening, I hope to be able to write more next week.

Take care everybody.

Sal's mum signing off,

Roger over and out.


Kerry said...

So good to see your progress....just watching you go on that bike inspires me to fight our disease one more day THANK YOU. I will pray about your "blistering" water retention, have known others with that complication.

Your girls have got to be going crazy not seeing you. I am so happy for you and anticipate what a great moment that will be when they can finally see you. You look really great. I'm so glad this time of renewal has come for you.

love, Kerry (MIchigan, USA)

Jayne said...

Have fun with your girls, Salli.

Happy Easter too, from me and Adam.