Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Bronchoscopy:

Firstly A Bronchoscopy is a technique of visualising the inside of the airways.

I wasn't getting better, just slowly worse and I knew this before the medical team would listen, and it took me loosing what lung fucntion I had gained via this transplant to be halved my 50% before they would listen.
Anyway, it all started last Saturday afternoon when my I had me dinner . . . . . . . . .

I had a cooked breakfast which I have most mornings and then at lunch decided to go to the canteen as their MASH is much nicer, and had sausage, which I dont usually eat. Then I decided lets go for a drive in the car as I needed some freedom and then we eneded up at a pub called the coi carp, which had quacking ducks (yeah really) and a pond well a canal and was most beautiful the surroundings were anyway and whilst dad was getting drinks I couldnt help but look at the food menu and I spotted a duck salad, so i ordered that aswell. Was really nice. (I had my o2 with me, that didnt bother me, after what was left, why bothering to hide me being poorly when soon id be running around so to speak) anyway, we ate and drank and had a good time. When we got back to the hospital after going AWOL, I had supper, and then dad went and got me more food from canteen to top me up. I was happy and full.
However, due to my lack of digestive skills, this is where the problems came thick and fast. The next day my breathing was harsh and fast, and when i went to go on the bike I was weaker than before and I knew in myself I felt different again, and I tried to tell docs, but they said it an off day, so Monday was an off day too, again trying to convince them with my blows going down and becuase I walked back from xray myself the docs deemed me okay, even though again I tell them otherwise. Tuesday my saviour, they listen!!!! They arrange a CT and see I have lots of fluid, but nothning conclusive of infection or rejection - so they finally say BRONCHOSCOPY! Which I think should have been done sooner, but I know they were just trying to save an anaesthetic as being ventilated they said would be hard for me to come off, but enough putting it off, I finally was going to have one.

So 8am Wednesday morning the hunky poter man came to fetch me, (and I was having a poo) i'd just had a bottle of gastro graffin - (for those who do not know this, its a bottle of heavy anisead smelling laxative that is very potent in both ways smelling and how it works)!!!!

Here is a pic of us before my trip to theatre for the proceedure:

Got down to theatre where my mum said bye and I said bye to Ed (is what I named the porter (as when he has his hat on he looks a lil bit like EDWARD from TWILIGHT)! He wont thank me for this I know!! - Mind you it could be all the morphine im given, but hey, he made me smile, what else matters. They left me and then I was in the hands of some lovely docs and and an anaesthetist. My heart rate before falling asleep was 140, and sats not great either, needing 4-5 literes to maintain sats of 94-96%. Anyway, before falling asleeping after having the fennyl injection the doc said to me, you will be on the ventilator when you wake up and will be for a few days as you are really tired. I didnt believe him, but agreed to what he said and sure enough, I woke up on the ventilator, but remember the recovery not sure which as I was whipped into theatre twice, but remember writing down things on paper for the recovery staff to read as I was awake and wanted ventilator out!!!!!!! It wasn't long before I got what I wished for. I did see Ed again. he came in and I pretty much jumped on him, well if I could I think I would have. They wouldnt let my mum in recorvery and so when I saw him, I grabbed him literally and squeezed his hand and bless he did it back, then I remmeber falling asleep. He gave me peace which is what I needed as I was become quite frought I remember, but out of all the other people I remember him clear as day was quite weird really cos I was really spaced out so he told me later, though I havnt properly apologised for practically jumping on him in rocovery!!! hehe

And here is another pic of me ventilated but this time with my favourite lady anesthetist who did my CVP line once too. Mona Her name is, and she is lovely...

What had happened well you guys know from my mum, I ate too much, which pushed up fluid into my lungs higher up, causing breathing obstruction, needed 2 drains to drain off fluid, which today from last wednesday is still draining, but slowing down now, which now I can breathe. And its really a FANSTASTIC FEELING!!!!!!
Hopefully drains to come out in the next few days.


V_x said...

I'm jealous!! All the porters at my hospital are old and nearly toothless :)

I'm glad they have figured things out and hopefully set you back on course for your recovery :)

Woody said...

Phew! Glad you are feeling better now!