Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sal's mum reporting....

Friday in ITU.... we had a txt off Sally at 8am to say could we get her some breakfast, 3 rashers bacon, beans and toast, her dad went off and got it for her and took it over to ITU, we are not allowed to go to ITU until 10am, the nurse took it off him and 10mins later she sent a pic to show us that she had eaten it all. Thats a good start. We went back to ITU at 10am and she was fast asleep in the chair, sleeping off breakfast no doubt. we just sat there until she woke up. The docs came round and said she was so much better and she could go back on the ward. Sally asked why they had stopped some meds and they said they wanted her own body to fight off the infection which seemed to have worked. She did 5 mins on an exercise bike without even getting out of breath, her comment was "I love my new lungs"

I think she got fed up with the hospital gowns and asked for some pj's. Sally is on 5 litres of oxygen with sats of 96-100% which is pretty good as she has a chest infection. She also tells me that she has some pain, which is muscle pain which doesn't suprise me as her chest muscles probably hasn't been used for years. We left ITU at lunch time. We are not allowed back in till 3pm so we made use of the time by going down to the pub for a bit of relaxation time. when we went back to see her she was sleeping off lunch. she woke up later and did some more on the exercise bike and did some blowing on the bird, which is a machine that was designed by a Dr Bird. pic of the bird below.

Sal is bright and chirpy and seems happy. She is still in ITU, as they decided to keep her for another night. If they have a room on the ward later I expect they will move her if not she will stay for another night, not that Sallys minds as you have a one to one nursing. I gave Sal another foot massage and a bit of pampering, no noe can have enough pampering and she deserves it.

here is a pic of Sally and her mum and dad taken yesterday in ITU
write more later


Jayne said...

OOh, great pics and great update!


Gemma said...

good to see she has her appetite! She is doing so well!

V_x said...

She's looking great!!!

Kerry said...

Hi Sally and Sally's Mum and Dad! I'm the CFer from Michigan waiting for a transplant for quite awhile. I'm so glad, Sally, you're doing so well! You are in my prayers.

It is so exciting to hear that you can exercise on a bike even though you're fighting infection and not be short of breath!! Amazing!

Thanks always for the updates!

Love, Kerry, 32 in Michigan