Monday, 13 April 2009

Hi - I'm Back!!!!

This is another pic of Me Before The BIG OP!

And a very good morning to you too!!!

My 1st Stay in ITU -

I remember being woken up to the sound of my daughter telling me how much she loved me and holding my hand. I heard my mum say to her, talk to mummy she can hear you, and then with that I SQUEEZED her hand and that made Kelsey's day!!! I remember my sister coming to see me and talk to me, and to which I squeezed her hand too, and all this made me feel so safe. By now I wanted the tube out and tried to pull it out and I was gagging on it. It was like having an NG tube down my throat but only bigger... I was told to calm down or id not beable to have it out. the nurses went to talk to the doc to see if I could have it out and they said yes but I needed to breathe on my own first. so I tried, least I thought I was trying and I was but i thought i wasnt and wanted a pen and paper to tell them that I couldnt breathe. they finally realised what I was trying to say and they said you are breathing by yourself. Oh I thought, well I will carry on with what i am doing if they say im breathing, I must be. I choked out some phlegm which Kelsey noticed so they suctioned that away and then my family were asked to leave whilst they took the ventilator off me. And then I was on 2 litres of masked oxygen which is what I was on when I went to theatre. . . . .. .

Kelsey and Mum came back and I just slept which upset Kelsey as she thought after the tube was out id be sitting up and talking but I wasnt. The time now must have been about 4pm. My next visit was about 5 i think and i was sitting up in bed and kelsey came to see me and I opened my eyes and said Hello BABY!!!! And that was it, she was BEAMING!!!!!!!!!!

This is me sat up!

This is my newly required scar, looks like a boob job to me! lol

These are my drains

And this is me RAW! i wanted to post these pics to show how it is in real life and not through rose tinted glass!! I was NOT in any pain here due to epidural, how ever I must have been off my head to allow a camera near me and to pose in such a modest way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here is not a good day. I WAS in pain. Epidural didnt work as well and I was being given lots of DIAMORPH which was dropping my respiritory rate to 8 per min which is low, and then I told the nurses i couldnt take codine, so what did they give me .. . . . codine! I told them tramadol doesnt agree with me, so what did they give me. .. . . . TRAMADOL! MUCH to my annoyance that no-one belived I was in pain. So I had NO epidural working and NO background pain relief, and I was crippled in pain, so eventually when I was beleieved (needed 100% of oxygen) an anetheatist came to insert a new epidural. And within seconds of him putting it in, my heart rate went from 140 to 111 and my sats went to 100% so I was then on 75% of o2 which took ages to ween me off. I am still on O2 now and I will fill in the rest next time I come on here with less graphic pictures or not (hehehe)


Gemma said...

those pictures are amazing a real insight into what happens when you have a transplant, thanks for that, I know it mustn't have been easy to have those taken!

MN Mom said...

I am praying for your complete recovery! Love the photos - I appreciate your bravery in allowing us to see what you have gone through.

Best wishes from the USA!