Tuesday, 30 June 2009

30th June Week - First Weekend Out & Gym!

Hey and good day to you all... This last week has been an absolutely mad'un!!! AGAIN!

Well Megan had her first Piano Lesson and did really well. She knows her keys C,D & E from bottom to the top! Really proud of her. Her next lesson is: Today! And she did really well again. I was watching her as she was taking it all in from the teacher and her mouth was wide open. :-)

All week I had been planning on going out. As it will be my first night out in about 2 years. We went to Merryhill shopping, Cathy, Sally & I, and went shopping in Primark!! What a wonderful place...

Outfit bought and week a good one. Jody my bestmate from school years came up, and we had coffee, and went to town shopping. I bought some fake bake... ITs just so nice to beable to get up and go out and not worry about o2 and being back at home for treatment... its just get up and go now!

On sat day, Kelsey had a concert at the Elgar School Of Music, and she did really well, but her nerves got the better of her. Here is a pic of Kelsey & Her bestfriend who also sang. They were both very good.______________________

Saturday was brilliant.... I got a little bit drunk, but I wobble alot anyway, so added alcohol made it worse and I have a drunken injury on my foot.

Here are some photos from the night: Below -

Steve, His Girlfriend Kelly & Moi
Here Is My Best Bud From School Years; JodyLea

Here Is Kathy & I

Here Is All FIFTEEN Of Us Outside Tunnells Opticians;

!!!OH WHAT A NIGHT!!________________________

Can You Think Of A Caption For This Photo?______________________________

And Finally -

Here Is Me & ? ? ? ; Tricia & Carly - Just before getting turned away from Bushwackers :-(


I got in from going in to town and my mate who got home before me, decided to get into my bed and sleep// I WAS NOT HAPPY , as there was there spare room for him to sleep in..... So when I got back, (early hours of the morning, I made as much noise tidying up as I could!!! ) AND I ENDED UP SLEEPING IN MEGANS COT BED!!!!!! Being 4"11 has its advantages!!!

Sunday; I woke up early and finished tidying up, and I had the girls back early as me and Pauline (mother inlaw) & Kelsey were going to have a picnic at Megans Rainbow Fun Day, but when we got there; there was no parents to stay, so we dropped Megan off and we went to Malvern Park. It was lovely.

Monday, back at school doing the school run. I have been looking after myself and girls now for almost 2 weeks on my own. Mum is in Glasto, having fun and now she has a cold! Oops, not good.


I have harefield on Thursday, I been out of hospital for so long now, it seems strange, but for some gut feeling, I think they are going to keep me in. Kim is going on Thursday too, so will be exciting, as I am driving myself this time.. :-)

Finally, here are two pictures of me, from my first time back at the gym in 3 years...

I did a warm up on treadmill and did 15 mins on there with good speed and incline and then I ran for 1 minute too, and it was my legs more so than my new lungs, as going out sat, and trying to dance and keep up straight proved a little difficult, so I need to go to the gym to get my legs stronger, and get these new lungs working harder! I am determined to get ovr 100% of my predicited, and this week, im adveraging at 1.74 /over/ 2.07 . So its getting better, and I cannot wait to go swimming, as I know that will help my upper body and make these lungs work, so will ask about that on Thursday.

Anyway, bye for now!


V_x said...

You looked sexy!!!

Kerry said...

You are looking good and I'm glad you are able to take care of the girls on your own. That must feel so good. I know that is one way I can tell how good I'm well I can take care of my boys. Anyway, I hope you stay out of the hospital....what is making you think they'll keep you? I'm glad you've been able to catch up with some friends too.

Keep your chin up and take care, Kerry H. (CFer, 19 months waiting for lungs in U.S.A.)