Friday, 10 July 2009

Hospital Visit

Hi There

Here are pictures from Our Day at Malvern on the Sunday:

AM REALLY VERY SORRY For Delay in writing this weeks blog entry... Been so busy... Okay okay, everyone has been going on about Micheal Jackson. I was absolutely gutted when I found out. It bought back all memories of Dan, Khalid and all my other lost friends. And Last week, I found out that a friend of mine Nikki passed away. She'd only sent me a message after id been out on the town asking me what was it like and congratulations. I replied, but sadley I never heard from her again.

Rest Easy Now Nikki and hope wherever you are now, you are at peace and not in anymore pain.
Megan didn't have piano this week as the teacher was off, so instead I took the lesson and now is reading CDE and B music notes and can play the first part YANKEEDOODLE!!!!
Ou Megan took her Rainbow promise which was lovely, and I had to fill out forms for Kelsey to go On Brownie Camp which is the weekend of the 18th July!!!

x x My Proud Little Girl x x

Megan has her ballet and dance exams that weekend too! :-D

I went for lunch at WagaMama's in Birmingham with an old friend and was really nice to catch up and see her as havnt seen her since my transplant, and now am looking forward to going out for an evening drink and frolics at a later date. Had to also go looking for shoes as on Saturday I have a very important function to go to and will explain more after the weekend.

Also On Saturday is a very good friend of mines Birthday, so I am going to be overly dressed to go for a drink in the town after, so may end up going home to change first....

ONE OF THE BEST HIGHLIGHTS of This WEEKEND TO BE IS!!!!! - My wonderful nephew Leon comes home for short leave from Afgan.... Have missed him so much and still havn't seen him since I had my transplant, and I am so so so so so so excited to see him.........

Well for Saturday I have my dress, shoes, fake tan, ouh I must find some earrings!!!! Just remembered!!! And a handbag I have too, Ready for my insulin and tablets and CAMERA!

Okay, My headline of this post is Hospital - I went to the hospital and got yet another photo of Kim and I, but this time not under the transplant sign but on a bridge of a nice pub where we went to for lunch. The lady doctor who I saw, who I had never met before, she said I was fine, and to come back in 4 weeks, but to my amazment. As I been feeling tired, but this could be due to the weather and by blows are slightly low, this could be due to me doing my tummy abs as when my tummy hurts my blows are slightly worse off. But I still dont feel happy about it. This was Thursday last week, and I drove there myself and drove back. The roof was down and I was getting the sun. IT was lovely dont get me wrong, but I was so so tired on my way back. And I slept pretty much all of next day and my girls for a long atime to what it seems had a dvd on so I could get rest, and I didnt like that feeling of how I used to feel before transplant. Since then I have got more rest and I feel slightly better, though this week my blows have adverages at 1.5 over 1.8... not quite the best I have had at 1.8 over 2.15.... So must do more exercise and get them back up.

Saturday Kelsey had her Theatre in the morning and I went to see my best mate Jo whilst she was there and then in the afternoon I forgot what I did, how bad is that, nope I remember now, we went to a fun day at a farm with the church which was lovely and me and my good friend Claire face painted and leg and arm painted the children and parents too, with the letters M.U.M / D.A.D on their knuckles!! rebble wana be's I say!!!!! Then in the evening I went to my friends sisters house, and oh my gosh, her garden consists of about 4 fields, the girls had a wonderful time running about with the dogs. They slept really well that night...

Sunday I went SWIMMING! TOok them to waterworld in stoke.. They had an amazing time. My friend dorve us there and the girls were so happy. Last time i went there I only did the one slide 3 times, and that was the whole time I was there. (last year) and this time, I did it 3 times straight away and other slides too and swam under the water, and we all just had a wonderful time. My friend didnt want to get in to I stayed with the girls and it was just amazing. the food we ate after, wasn't so nice though, but the day was great... We did want to go to the beach that day, but the weather wasn't good enough much to all of our disappointment.

Monday; back to schoool and again the following night the girls slept really well and so did I. Its just brilliant having a hectic social life and not stopping, but knowing my limits too.....

All I say, is I cannot wait till next weekend, a suprise instore to those who don't know whats happening on Sat, and next week also, I may be on the telly again. But will let you know as and when and if.

(Me Loving The Rain & Life!!!!!)
Bye For Now, Sally


V_x said...

I love hearing how well your doing and you look amazing!!