Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Another Great Week

The weekend was brilliant; I got to see my nephew which was brilliant. But firstly, today was a very sad day. It was my friend nic's funeral. We all had to wear a pink top, and I would say there were more than 200 peeple there easily. I was good to say goodbye, as I never got round to seeing her after my transplant.
I made it back intime to take my girls to their music lesson, however Kelsey is still recovering from a sore throat and Megan, now has a sore throat, high temp, achy legs and all over and was in bed by 5pm. If she is still not better tomorrow I will take her to the doctors, as this viral she has, is all I need. Touchwood, my immune system has been quite good. And Here I am touching my wooden table as hard as I can.
Kelsey is sat on her laptop, well her nanny's making her daddy a birthday card. He is 32 tomorrow the old mare!!!!!
And I am sat down waiting for the news to come on as I will be on it with my girls. On BBC1, Midlands Today. I will paste a link later on for this.
Last week, I had my friend Vicky come down and see me with her sister Gemma and Nephew Charlie. Vicky had a transplant 2 half years ago and is doing well. We went to the pub and had a lovely time catching up -


Monday Kelsey and Megan had their Brownie and Rainbow funday


Now . . . . On Saturday I was getting ready for a inaugral banquet; which was held at the guildhall. I was invited to go by the Mayor Of Worcester. Here is a link to the news paper artical

I was presented with a bouquet of flowers too. It was so nice. I shared a table with the deputy mayor and his wife, and it seems my mum went to school with his son, and my nan went to school with him. What a small world! For the staters we had prawn salad - however I wasn't brave enough as yet to try it incase of food poisioning, so I asked if I could have the melon instead which wasn't a problem. For main, we had Roast beef yorkshire pudding, with a lovely rich red sauce. and for pudding we had appletart with cinnamon and cream, cream!

The wine was delicious too, cabernet sauvignon, my favourite, but my alltime is shiraz added on to those two :-) Not that im an alcoholic or even know anything about wine apat from that trio together tastes the best!!!! :-)

After the meal I went into town to celebrate my friends 40th. I felt too dressy with my friends who were already drunk and I just couldn't get into it. So ended up going home early'ish...



Michele Paduano came again, this time not to film me in hospital and out for my daughters birthday, but to film me healthy and running around. the amount of takes it took - me running up the hill, that was my weekly exercise!!! hehe,

But it was good to see Paddy again.

It went on air Tuesday, will post a link next time I post - tomorrow or lateron this eve. Thanks again for reading. Sally xx

p.s. I appologise for not replying to you who have left me email addresses, will do my upmost to answer your questions this weekend and again, sorry xx


Katey said...

You look very beautiful in the pictures from the ball! Pretty dress...and you look like you feel so good =)