Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday In London

Being home is great. However the day after, I get full of poo again!!!! And thursday I was in agony and needed to go to hospital. The day before I filled myself up with MOVICOL - nice, and nothing was happening. So Thursday I decide to drink of the lemon drink and added millage of lactulose too. Friday I still hadn't gone, and I was supposed to be going to London to watch a show "The Jersey Boys" - Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons. So I wasn't going to eat anything for the 2nd day, so I could go and not be in pain and then if I still hadn't gone, I was going to go back to the hospital after. My dad had come to fix my washing machine as it is broke, and in the morning I sent my mum off to the hair dresser as it was to be her birthday on the Sunday 7th June nad ready for our night in London. Anyway, finally I plopped a few pellets out, and then I couldnt stop. All the movicol and lact had built up and I couldn't stop going to the loo, and the pain had eased. We finally set off and took the girls to my mother inlaws and then on our way to London we went. It took us ages to get there, as we didn't have a tomtom and my mums battery in her phone died and ooops no charger!

I had my own personal Tomtom by calling my friend greg. Took nearly an hour on the phone telling me where to go, even down one ways and bus lanes!! So im expecting a letter soon.. Finally we got to our hotel. It wasn't that bad either. We unpacked and then realised that I forgot to pack the tickets for the show!! OOOOOOOOOOooooooops!! BIG OOPS. So I called the theatre and explained (feel really bad for telling fibs) but said that I was in my car and they blew out of my hands. That wasnt a problem, and were told to come at 7.15 to pick up tickets.

After changing into differnent clothes it was time to go out and grab some food and meet a real close friend of mine, Greg. I was so excited going down Oxford St. I have never been to London before like this. I went when I was 16 to go to great ormond st for blowing tests to make sure I was well enough to fly to america.

So this was amazing, espically seeing jane norman, next, a huge primark, mexx, top shop, and many many more, I was in my element.

We were meant to meet Greg in Leicester square, but we went the wrong way out of the hotel and then said we'de meet in Soho. So finally we met and had a coffee; It was so great to see him. Havn't seen him since last Aug I think. I had been not well, so I refused him to come and see me, but now I have to excuse which is fab! :-) We then left at 7 to get to the theatre. We picked up tickets and the lady said, in all her time, they have never heard of that excuse and thought it was really funny. I then went and had my first beer in nearly 2 years. It cost FOUR BLOODY POUND and it was only a bottle! A bottle of Becks, and it was really cold and worth the £4. We sat at our seats and a steward came to us, asking us if we were the Grainger party to which I said yes, why what have we done!? And he laughed and said nothing, just making sure you got to your seats okay and if there is anything you need, his name was Paul and to ask for him, and I replied that id like to go back stage and he said that probably not be possible, but if you exit that side of the theatre you will end up by the stage doors and when the cast leave they will come out there. So I then asked him if I could have pen then please for autographs and he laughed and said Ill get you one during the interval. So off he went and we were sat ready to watch. The first half of the show was brilliant. Here are some photo's;

Then Paul came back to us with a pen and a piece of paper. He said that if I wrote my address on it, he would get the cast to sign it and he would get it sent to my home after. So mum said give him both programs and i said NO, just incase i can get them to sign it after the show outside. So we gave Paul one of our programs and we kept the other.

At the end of the show we left slowly and walked up the many stairs to get outside, now normally, i'd have struggled to walk up the stairs as there seemed to be about 30-50 of them. We go to the top where quite a few fans were there. And mum said she felt like a groupie! Some of the stars came out and the fans were calling them by their name (obviuosly) but mum said oh they know them and I said um, no I dont think they do, I think they are just crazed fans, LOL. Anyway, the first one to appear that I asked for photo and signiture was The Very Tall one,

who was their manager,and he was 6"4! He really had to bend down to pose for pic. Then the next one out was Stephan aka BOB, and he was really nice.

He said that he hadnt signed up to the donor register but would. He was genuinally interested which was nice, and then the next one was Glen

who came out and he to posed for a pic with me, and then Glen went off into London, and then BOB came back and some fans shouted ouh you cant get enough of us. BOB went back into theatre and then came back out and pointed at me and my mum saying you two come here, so we went in through the stage door and realised we were back stage! How Cool Is That!

He said Ryan (aka Frankie Valli) would be up soon, he still got to get dressed. Before I knew it he was there stood in underpants and socks! Im LIKE WOW!!!!! I said he didnt need to put a jacket on and that he was just right the way he was, as Philip AKA Nick offered it to him, so bless him, I got a pic with the three of the Jersey Boys as the 4th had gone, but was brill. Mum who was walking backwards to get us all in the photo nearly fell down the stairs and Ryan went and grabbed her and stopped her from falling and mum went all flustered!!! (well wouldnt you, an allmost naked man grabbing you!?) hehe;

I asked Ryan if he would sing the first bit of Sherry Baby to me, to which he did and OMG! Quivers!!! I first saw the boys on the royal varity show last year and then Ryan on Theatre Weakest Link, and that was it, I really wanted to see the show. All in all, for the first night out since my transplant it was a really REALLY good night and throughly enjoyed myselff and it was a treat for mum's 51st Birthday too. So on our way back to the hotel that night I was bouncing back and it was raining and I got very wet!


We got to the hotel and the lights wouldnt work, so mum went to reception and they said you need to put your key card into the slot in the wall to make the lights work! Oh yes, what a dope, I forgot that, its been sooo long since I been to a hotel,

Normally just of late, we have been in a caravan and I use windows to climb in and ffall through rather than use a key and a door!

I slept terrible that night, needing the LOO :-) most of the hours through the night and my bottom was starting to get rather sore - yes, I have just told you that regardless of needing to know! :-) sorreweeeee!!!

It was bloody awful weather the Saturday and I decided not to go shopping in Oxford St, and we got in the car and went home. Breakfast in the hotel was £17 per person so I suggested the services on the way home. So we left London and got to the service station and breakfast cost us £16 for the both of us which was much cheaper.

The rest of the weekend took up of me tidying the girls bedroom and good food and a fantastic roast dinner on my mums birthday (sunday) at my nan's house. Sunday morning I went to Tesco all on my own and drove myself (wow you may think, but was the first time I drove car on my own and shopped on my own. Its really mad what people take for granted, and do every day without thinking, and I so SO enjoyed it, and I think it showed, I was so exicted :-)

More of this to come I am sure and cannot wait.. The next day (Monday) is another trip to London for a check up the hospital.....


Kerry said...

Sally!! That is a too cool "first night out"!! I am so happy for you and I look forward to hearing about many more of your post transplant milestones. Those guys are such hunks. Its great to see that they are kind as well as gorgeous!!

Take care,