Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Another Week - A New Addition To Our Family - which to me, is PerFecT!

Well I went to the Heartlands Hospital On Thursday as planned, and was really quite strange. Just walking up there and not needing to be admitted, the first time in a few years that this has happened and being a patient is such the norm. I first dropped off the sharps bins, and then met up with Steve as he is in hosp at the moment, and we had lunch at the canteen. then we went to the Physio Department to drop off the first bucket of chocolates! Was so fortunate that it was the monthly Physio meeting, which I wasnt prepared for and walked in and I was able to Thank ALL the physio's for all their hard work. Right then, next stop, the clinic, and then we walked round to the ward, where Ash and Ben were. This where I gave Ash the chocs for the ward, and then I saw a real good friend Juliann, and she looks much better than what I imagined last time when I spoke to her last. Then I saw the CF nurses and gave them their choc'c which were to be shared with the CF Physio's. Then I had my blows checked which were 1.59 over 2.45Best Ever Blow on the second half. Rifat the doctor listen to my chest and said WOW!!! She has never seen a transplantee post, and she could NOT believe the difference... I then saw Dr.Whitehouse and Dr.Nash which was lovely to see and Thank for their care with looking after me, and Dr.Whitehouse said she'd like a post card from all the places me and the girls travel to next year.
Friday we just chilled as I was shattered going to Birmingham on Thursday, and we had planned to go to the Cinema on Saturday with Kelsey's BFF Nell, but it was going to cost me £18. so I decided to go on the Sunday which the cost was only £6. And we went to see Night At the Museum 2, and it was really Funny. I like the actor Ben Stiller - he's short and of course FUNNY!

Monday, what did we do, I cannot remember, oh yes, I went to NO I didn't Ikea was Tuesday. Hmmm, think monday I just stayed at home, oh yes, we had roast beef and we took Megan to tesco's on her bike and it took us twice as long, but she enjoyed herself, riding and stopping and riding some more! Oh and I went to the doctors, as I got no sleep, my back is really paining me lately, and its been going on for over 2 weeks. Its lower pain, in the kidney area, but sometimes too it aches in the lower left of my side. Even strong painkillers such as morphine tablets were not killing the pain, so thought id better go to the doctors,which felt quite odd as I don't usually go to tge GP for things, as I was always being seen at the hospital. So I was prescribed some antibiotics just incase it was an infection.
Tuesday Cathy took Meg and I to Ikea whilst Kelsey stayed with her friend and her brother. First time I have left Kelsey with an adolencent and not an adult and I was scared from the time I dropped her off to the time I picked her up and I wont be doing it again, as I was too worried, but she is getting older and needs abit more responsibilty, but I am not ready to give that just yet. But I suppose you don't know until you try.
In the evening, my niece came over to baby sit whilst I went out to a YUMMY MUMMY CURRY evening, which was great stuff. I tried lots if Indian cuisine and actually liked it. Since y transplant I like different things and spice is one of them!!! On the way home, the night was clear so I decided to put the roof down and drive home, to which as soon as we dropped off Sally it started to rain. Was great fun.
We bought some stuff for Kelsey's bedroom, as now my mum is no longer here, and got a job without even letting me know, I have decided to now decorate the room for Kelsey and the girls can now have their own room, which I promised this once I had a transplant. And another thing I Promised was:

This is Milo...... He is a cross between a Yorkie and a Maltese, called a MORKIE!!!!!!!

I got him from stafford, and the family that we got him from were lovely. I don't know what I expected, but I was impressed that he came from a loving a family, and I think they were impressed that he was coming to a loving home. The girls absolutely adore him and I have not seen them so in love and carefree in a long time, and it is nice to see them both relaxed and H.A.P.P.Y.!.!.! He was born 27th May I think . . . . I cannot remember, but will find out. He has a lovely temprement, and is such a happy pup, I hope this continues, though I cannot really say this, as he has only been with us one night so far. . . . so time will tell, but the girls are happy right now, so I am happy too.


MN Mom said...

Hi, I have been following your blog here in the U.S. and since it has been such a long time since you have posted, I thought I would ask if everything was okay. Here is hoping all is well. How is your little pooch doing? Such a cutie!

Best wishes,