Saturday, 9 May 2009

Coming Home


I AM GOING HOME!!!!!!! The girls do now know that I am coming home... Its total suprise to them. I emailed their head teacher asking them if they can have the day off as a holiday day to come and fetch me from the hopsital as a suprise to them. So mum cunninly said to the girls, shall we have the day off and go and see your mum as you havnt seen her in a couple of weeks and much to Kelesey's delight she agreed. So when Kelsey and Megan came into the room I acted suprised to see them and asked "what what are you doing here"? And Kelsey said, well you said we could have a day off school to come and see you and we thought we would do it today - Oh I said, and thats when I told her she had actaully came to take me home and the look of disbelief was total amazement!!! WE RECORDED IT! HERE IS THE VIDEO -

I keep watching it, as I still cannot believe how long it took her for it to sink in. But its the best feeling in the world to see her face light up and be in total amazement (just like the mobile phone present last year from the BBC NEWS) but this time that I am tube free and am actually coming home which has been a distant dream and on each birthday wish of candle blowing for the last 3 years, had actaully came true for her.
Megan Keeps telling me she loves me all the time, and is giggling when she thinks about it. To be honest, I am not sure if she really remembers me without the oxygen, as she is far younger than her age of (5), and in one way I am glad for that as she has her innocence, but sad that she may not have remembered me healthy before I got ill. Either way, my girls both have their mummy back and I have them. I couldnt have wished or asked god for anything more, as I feel COMPLETE!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Kelsey's Version

I was singing ready for a concert that weekend when nan got a phone call. Nanny went out the room so i could finish the song i was singing, when she came back inside she was slightly flushed but i didnt think anything of it and carried on singing till it was half past. We went outside and were walking to the car when nanny looked me in the eye and toldAlign Centre me the marvellous news, mummy had got a call! I felt as wonderfull as the news and apparently wouldnt stop bobbing up and down in excitement until we got to the car, nan said that we cant be too hopefull because it will probally be another false call but i didnt listen, I was sure mum would get her dream come true!!! When we got home mum was fafing about all over the place "get these, oh dont forget those! oh kelsey go and get this, oh my we need this!" it was a hard time but once we were on our way everything was calm again. I felt great and mum did too probally and i thought about what would happen.

We arrived at the hospital and got out in a hurry, (we were slightly late) we all rushed into the hospital then in the e-ward, a nurse led us to a room and mum got loads of tests done and then the news arrived. "Get your shoes on kels, we will be going home soon" "But mum" "Kelsey, do as your told and get your shoes on ready" "Okay, but i still say you will get your lungs still!!!" That was when Nicky came in to say the brilliant words that changed our lives forever. "Sally, where do you think your going?" Nicky said puzzled "what, do you have anywhere else to go?" "wait, is it happening???" Mummy said (she looked totally shocked, excited and so like she was about to burst) "mm hm" Nicky said a bit sheepishly. mum nearly shrieked, i was spellbound and nannys lips just twitched upwards in silent delight. We hugged mummy and we were all crying happily, i nearly felt as good as mummy probally was! "I TOLD YOU!!!" i shouted quietly to everyone "i really really told you!!!" "didnt i tell you!" mummy looked at me warmly "yes you did". We all hugged then mummy had to get ready quickly then she plaited her hair and fate knocked on our door as mummy and i climbed into the trolley thing, we were both smiling as we were wheeled to the place of the unknown. I could go no thurther although i really wanted too. we kissed and hugged for ages until Niki said we had to get a move on. I had so much emotion on my hands i nearly started crying but mummy said that if i was going to cry then i should do it after she had gone in, i felt the tears go instantly and i was able to hold it together for a few more minuites. She smiled at me and i hugged her then she was taken to answer the door of fate that had knocked not so long ago. then i snapped, tears dribbled down my cheeks, i felt terrified, happy, marvelled, scared, wobbly, dizzy, all the sensations you could ever imagine, but then i felt a wave of relief as hopefullness added onto my feelings. We went back to the room but i got a bit hungry so we wandered round the hospital and got some toast and a hot chocolate, i felt better then but we wandered round a bit more until i was tired then we went to the room and went to sleep although i said i wouldnt.

I woke to nanny karen, aunty julie and gramps talking to each other. I rubbed my eyes, so i hadnt been dreaming! I looked at the clock. "Is there any news?" i said still half asleep. "do you want a cup of tea?" gramps asked me in his husky voice.
"yes please" i murmered. nanny karen was the one who answered my question "we can go and see her in ten minuites, she made it, shes always been a fighter". I hugged nanny in delight, and in ten minuites i was walking to I.T.U beaming like the sun on a summers day. When i saw mummy i tried to run but i had to walk and be a good girl which i'm good at when i want to be. When i saw her for the first time i felt really happy, i expected alot worse but no she looked like a queen compared to what i expected, I had thought she would have tubes everywhere with moniers and circle plasters on her but when i saw her i felt all bubbly and, well, shocked. I squeezed her hand because the nurse said it was okay and when i did i was so excited because she squeezed it back! you dont know how excited i was! nan said to be quiet because i was kind of squealing, i was so happy. I did that afternoon too but then they took out the breathing tube and mummy was croaking, sleeping and drinking a bit too. The next a day i went for a trip in the wood with nan and that was fun. And the day before i left to get back to school mummy was able to sit up and talk a bit more, in a few days mummy would be moved to the e-ward again so that kept me going when i was not with her. Mum has always been a fighter and look at her now! she's as strong as anything strong and i love her loads. xxx.