Saturday, 9 May 2009

Coming Home


I AM GOING HOME!!!!!!! The girls do now know that I am coming home... Its total suprise to them. I emailed their head teacher asking them if they can have the day off as a holiday day to come and fetch me from the hopsital as a suprise to them. So mum cunninly said to the girls, shall we have the day off and go and see your mum as you havnt seen her in a couple of weeks and much to Kelesey's delight she agreed. So when Kelsey and Megan came into the room I acted suprised to see them and asked "what what are you doing here"? And Kelsey said, well you said we could have a day off school to come and see you and we thought we would do it today - Oh I said, and thats when I told her she had actaully came to take me home and the look of disbelief was total amazement!!! WE RECORDED IT! HERE IS THE VIDEO -

I keep watching it, as I still cannot believe how long it took her for it to sink in. But its the best feeling in the world to see her face light up and be in total amazement (just like the mobile phone present last year from the BBC NEWS) but this time that I am tube free and am actually coming home which has been a distant dream and on each birthday wish of candle blowing for the last 3 years, had actaully came true for her.
Megan Keeps telling me she loves me all the time, and is giggling when she thinks about it. To be honest, I am not sure if she really remembers me without the oxygen, as she is far younger than her age of (5), and in one way I am glad for that as she has her innocence, but sad that she may not have remembered me healthy before I got ill. Either way, my girls both have their mummy back and I have them. I couldnt have wished or asked god for anything more, as I feel COMPLETE!


Katey said...

Congratulations! I know it's an awesome feeling to go home! The video of your daughter is precious too! I've been following your blog for awhile! I'm praying for a quick and complete recovery for you!

Kate said...

WOW Sally, so glad to know your home. (I actually cried with happiess watching the vid telling your girls!)

Just enjoy it all hun!

Kate x x x

Kerry said...

I am soooo happy to see you and your girls sharing that moment and that you will be home!! What a long time you have waited and a long road you have are such a fighter too......praying for you and your beautiful beautiful the way, you are looking very healthy and strong for just having the transplant a short while ago!

Bless you dear!


Woody said...

That's great, so happy for you guys :-)