Thursday, 1 April 2010

Scratching Deeper Beneath the Surface

Okay then......
Here goes this. I don't think some folk will be happy with what I am about to write, so I hope you enjoy a good soap drama. Though after writing this, it may not be as bad as it sounds, so I may just delete this, as soap drama this probably is not!

I have never been to one and not had known what it was about.. But I knew I was going to go as Magenta - the french maid. The group of us from the school playground was going. And what a good night it was.... Brilliant costumes - here are some pics:

Then at the end of the night I wasn't ready to go to bed, so I went out with one of the mums into town afterwards and met up with one of her friends,and he was handsome, grey but a bit of alright. We ended up in a club and danced pretty much until we got kicked out. My feet were killing by then, and was just dancing in my groovy knee high socks. Anyway, I wasn't drinking so I drove us into town and took my mate and her friend home. i went in for coffee, and only coffee it was.... though not from him trying!!!! he so badly offered it to me on a plate, - though I would guess from his "aura" that he was a male version of a tart. And there was NOWAY! I felt really proud of myself!!! haha - Was good fun to see him ask and ask and ask and ASK. Said I was missing out, and I said that's a shame, something i'll have to live with I guess!!! This was night before valentines day. Then literally about 1hr after I left, the girl he was seeing turned up at his door.... I had to leave early like 9am as I was cooking for 11 people that day and I needed to get home to put the dinner on..... So glad I had to leave or goodness knows how it would have gone... I felt though I had done the walk of shame, yet I had done nothing literally!!!
Anyway that didn't last long between them.. Apparently she found my hair on his bed!! Ooops, and he didn't buy her anything for valentines, so she was not a happy bunny.

And it didn't take him long to find someone else though and the cheek of him - saying I was the wrong colour as I wasn't blonde so he didn't want well, didn't want anything, not even friend. Oh well... One new person met, more to meet.... I am addicted to meeting new folk, its so exciting!!! haha -

And what is it with blonde brunette!! BRUNETTES all the WAY BABY! we are intelligent - well we are supposed to be, so I guess I let the race down there!!! haha

The week before my night out. I had gone to the hospital to see KimmiK. Was ace to see her, and saw my 2 fave nurses... That be Laura and Gareth. I got some scrubs for my night out and saw a ginger plonker too.. was however good to see him finally doing well since his transplant I have to say. However I don't know what it is I have done, but for some reason, he doesnt like me. I saw him and I was polite as can be. He has done nothing to me apart from being a dick for reasons unknown and too has deleted me from the wonderous world of fb. But there is so much crap in the world why make more. He too has a family like me and has decided to buggar off to uni and leave his family behind. Being a mum, I could never do that, but each to their own and you know what, I have not said anything to him, one its not my business what he does and two, I dont talk to him, so why he keeps thinking im going to do something bad to him I never know, and just to say, I have alot on my plate to be gossiping about him. Anyway had my rant there!! lets do move on.
My real good mate Matt had his leaving party the night I had my ONE YEARS CELEBRATION!
Matt you see, has disappeared to OZ for 3 months, and is back in July..... I am missing him already, though the lil poo bog he is, he is a grumpy bum by not talking to me as much!!! grrrrrr, lol


I met this lad who back in the day was one of my best friends, and we started meeting up again just recently, and then a day before my years transplant, he came over to see me. He'd arranged to stay, and was going to go home first thing in the morning as he came over quite late - as in 10.45pm late if not a bit later than that; and grown up things happened as they do, and you know what he did, a few minutes later he came to me and said I'm going back home! He was supposed to be a friend, well I wouldn't listen to any reason of his to why he had to get home, which is bad of me really on his defence and I know he has issues right now, however, even one night stands don't do that. They do the walk of shame on the morning after!!!!! - If he knew he was going to go home, he couldn't have come.

Well that was the end of our friendship. I was contemplating deleting him off my facebook, but thought na I wont be so pathetic, but he beat me to it, deleted and BLOCKED me! Ah well........ Better off without DICKHEADS like him.
He couldn't even make it to my 30th birthday back in Jan, cos he was worried what his friends may say. Not even a card either.... I always bothered with him, even when I was really ILL, but im not one for saying well I did this and that, bla bla bla, friends are friends and that is all there is to it, Well no more... I don't deserve a lot, but I deserve better than him even as a friend,... Am gutted it came to an end like that, but hey...... I have my health - but only JUST! I should have learned my lesson the first time things happened, but silly me, keep going back for more,..,.

I finally had a psychic night!!!! As I always said I wanted to see one on this side and not the other, and it turned out to be a great night..... I didn't have a reading done and I had had one done a few weeks before, which was interesting to say the least.... But nothing that was said has actually happened. <> although the lady knew that I had been offered it on a gold goblet, but id said no!!! haha, that bit was funny!!! So watch this space!
My 1st Year Of Post Transplant
My day isn't till the 18th itself. As I feel - I went to sleep on the 17th (st.Paddy's day) and woke up - my new life began on the 18th, and that the 17th is time for reflection for my donor and her family. as the exact date to me getting my call.... So I was at the yard - my favourite place to be at the moment, and let off a Chinese lantern in memory of the kind lady who donated to me her lungs. Without them I know I wouldn't be here now to tell the tale... Here are two pics of the lantern in the sky....

There the lantern goes - high in the sky

Anyway, a new / old friend, who I hope to develop to a good friendship, who I had only met once, offered me to go down to his as he couldn't make it to mine for my night out, and me always up for going out meeting new folk and going to different places, I decided to go.

Before arriving there I called into see my VERY good mate, who at the time wasn't feeling too hot, but I wouldn't take no for an answer to go and see her. Kim is too 1 years post, but she is 3-4 days after me. That's how we met. And I love her to bits, and wanted to see her as I promised I would!!!! Had a lovely time;


My new friend and I skating or should that be falling on ice!!! I fell over so many times, and got so badly bruised. I wasn't so much embarrassed about falling, it just bloody hurt!!!! I bought these figure skating skates about 4 months before I got pregnant with Megan, as Kels and I were going skating a few times, but then I found out I was pregnant, and didn't go again, and then I didn't have time once Meg was first born then when I did I was too ill and breathless to go, so to this day they been in my attic collecting dust.

And I said to him that I cannot skate and that its been ages, and I kept tripping over the toe pick thingy. He was a pro!! HAHA - so now watch this space, I am going all prepared during the Easter hols with elbow and knee pads!! Oh and a helmet too, you think I am joking, I KID YOU NOT! lol

Anyway after, we went for food which was nice and a glass of wine and i was drunk!! So cupsa tea to sober me up when we got back to his. And I found out something really funny. He is the most ticklish guy to have ever met!!!!! SO SO FUNNY! Say no more!!!! haha

Oh and I entrusted him to drive my car, haha how many times does one have to stall the flipping the engine!!! :-D

Next day was funny. Ever had Sausage ..... ...... ...... Roll for breakfast? And I mean the pastry kind! Well I hadn't until then, but with brown sauce lovely... We went to a café and all they had left was those, and I wasnt being fussy anymore, as went to debenhams and it didn't look appetising at all.

All in all a good start to a fab weekend, was good to forget I was a mum and could be reckless!!! Falling over and walking like John Wayne on the ice! - should have gone bowling instead - **note to self** - Always go for safer option!! - Thanks for good weekend, next time I'll behave myself!! ;-)

--------------------------Me With My Shiney New LUNGS!
Saturday now - we had an absolute wicked night... I got dressed up in a straight jacket!!

We All Let Off A Lantern Each - Trying to do this whilst drunk proved quite HARD!

And towards the end of the night I changed into some scrubs, and felt restricted to dance, but what a good night.. I was with people who mattered to me.... It was the best!!!!!!!
Tricia nicked me and took me to Lunar Bar - and gave me a squished FROG! It was yummy... tasted like a hario!!! Must have a few next time I go to town!! They are lush...........
I danced abit, laughed abit, and for once, I didnt go for a poo!!!

My normal thing when i go out on the town, is someone finds me on the loo becuase of my tummy!!! haha
Jody Dressed as a scrub nurse / or she likes to be called a surgeon. Tricia Was An ARMY Nurse, Ada was a sexy doctor, and me a MENTAL pateint, and Sally as a scrub nurse too.... Bit gutted more folk didnt dress up... Would have loved it if my 3 mates, the TWO Kimbo's and Aimee could have made it, but both on IV's and Felt rubbish, and Kimbo no 1 (as she is older) was stuck in hosp too, but was good to have Steve and Kelly too....... At the end of the night or towards the end of the night, we put SaM in the straight jacket, and was so funny..... In the end, it was just Sam & I again.......
Sam so kindly bought a bottle of Champers,
which was ace, and we named it HOPE! :-) And all the lanterns were called Hope too......
Again, had the best night with my real best mates, just wish the other 3 could have made it
And I didn't wake up with too much of a hang over either which was quite nice - And to finish off we ended up here:
A friend of mine Rachey got her transplant after a huge struggle to get on the list.... She is doing well so I hear.

And Stephen Kirsop - waited just over 14 months had his transplant too..... He was home before 4 weeks of his op... So very proud of him and he has a funny brother called Paul!!! -ooops I got the brothers mixed up again!! doh!!!! It was PAUL who has the transplant!!! :0)

As I want to end on a happy note! xxx


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Katy Savage said...

hiya sally you don't know me but like u i am 4'11 and have waited for a double lung transplant for the past 3 and half years i go to harefield too. So we have a lil bit in common lol. I just wanted to say you are truly insperational and well done i love your pix take care and keep the fight going for shorties katy